Waimea Community Dam

The Waimea Community Dam, currently under construction, is the largest dam built in New Zealand for over 20 years at a cost of more than $160m. Holcim is committed to providing the highest quality products and service to our customer on the project, Allied Concrete.

We are supplying GP Cement and Fly Ash to this once-in-a-generation construction. Once complete, the dam will:

  • Secure the Tasman region's water supply for the next 100 years
  • Improve water quality to provide a better environment for people, plants, fish and animals
  • Strengthen the economy through the success of primary industries and the subsequent growth of associated secondary and tertiary industries
  • Provide an estimated economic benefit to the Tasman region of $600-900m in the first 25 years.

Downstream view, looking upstream, September 2021.

Overview of upper spillway and embankment crest progress.

Allied Concrete is supplying concrete that includes fly ash (as a partial cement substitute) to reduce the heat generated during a large mass concrete pour. The added benefit from using fly ash as a partial cement replacement is the resulting lower embodied carbon of the concrete produced.

The carbon reduction achieved by using 30% fly ash in the concrete mix, is partly negated by other admixtures used in the concrete. As a result, the overall carbon reduction is lowered to 6%.

The project is due for commission in late 2022.

Images: Courtesy of Waimea Water and Daniel Sinoca on Unsplash.

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