Green Building Solutions

As a global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions, we play an essential role in accelerating our world’s transition towards a net zero and more inclusive future, seeking any opportunity to produce greener products, to manufacture and operate in a more environmentally sound way.

Together, we can build better to help decarbonise Aotearoa

Cement is a key ingredient in the most commonly used building material in the world, concrete. Each year in New Zealand, around 1.5 million tonnes of traditional cement is used, generating an estimated 1.23 million tonnes of CO2-e[1].

This clearly demonstrates both the essential need for construction materials now and in the future, as well as the necessity for the construction materials industry to be a leading part of the solution addressing climate change.

With Aotearoa committed to net zero by 2050, Holcim New Zealand (NZ) is building progress for a lower carbon footprint in the built environment.

For us, building progress means a complete range of low-carbon, high-performance, and specialty cement and cement binders suitable for Aotearoa’s homes, buildings, and infrastructure. It means advice, tools and resources to help you specify your next project with confidence. It means solutions that are right for you each and every time.


ECOPLanet is Holcim’s high-performance, low-carbon cement product providing at least a 30% reduction in CO2-e backed by a third-party verified Process EPD. ECOPlanet uses a higher proportion of supplementary cementitious materials and admixture technology manufactured in New Zealand to help decarbonise Aotearoa.


ENVIROCore is a range of cement replacements available for concrete manufacturers to deliver performance with a lower embodied carbon impact. All products within the ENVIROCore range meet New Zealand standards.

ECOPact: Low-carbon concrete

As the industry’s broadest range of low-carbon concrete, ECOPact delivers high-performing, sustainable and circular benefits with no compromise on performance. ECOPact delivers 100% performance, starting at 30% less CO₂ emissions compared to a reference concrete mix with General Purpose Portland cement (NZS3122 Type GP).

Environmental Product Declarations

Holcim provides project-specific, on-demand Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to customers. This capability represents a significant step in Holcim’s sustainability journey and embodies our multidisciplinary approach to embedding sustainability into our organisation and operations. With the introduction of our cement blends, third-party verified data will underpin our capability to work with our customers from tender through to design and construction to optimise sustainability performance. 

(1) International Energy Agency (IEA) report "The Future of Cement in a Carbon-Constrained World" (2018); Cement and Concrete Association of New Zealand - Key Facts and Figures; The International Energy Agency (IEA) Cement Technology Roadmap 2009 estimates that the production of 1 tonne of cement results in the emission of approximately 0.82 tonnes of CO2-e.Using the conversion factor of 0.82 tonnes of CO2-e per tonne of cement, the production of 1.5 million tonnes of cement in New Zealand would result in the emission of approximately 1.23 million tonnes of CO2-e. The actual amount of CO2-e missions may vary.

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