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A range of cement replacements available for concrete manufacturers to deliver performance with a lower embodied carbon impact. 

ENVIROCore 100

Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag provides heightened durability within high wear environments, as well as under highly acidic/alkaline conditions, while delivering a lower embodied carbon impact.

ENVIROCore 200

Fly Ash products sourced from reputable suppliers to provide improved workability, lower heat of hydration in large mass pours, as well as the added benefit of reduced embodied carbon.

ENVIROCore provides manufacturers the opportunity to lower the carbon of concrete by replacing General Purpose cement with these alternatives. All products within the ENVIROCore range meet the New Zealand Standards.

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

Third-party verified EPDs allow our customers to understand the embodied carbon impact of our products supplied into their process or project, with confidence.

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