Concrete Range

Holcim New Zealand offers the most innovative range of ready-mix concrete solutions and services. Through advanced R&D, Holcim concrete is designed to address our client’s most critical challenges: CO2 footprint reduction and energy efficiency of buildings, cost and speed of construction, worksite productivity – as well as architectural and aesthetic performance.

ECOPact: Low-Carbon Concrete

ECOPact is a low-carbon concrete product range which can reduce the embodied carbon of buildings, infrastructure, and homes up to 70% without offsets.

Standard Concrete

At Holcim we provide a range of standard ready-mix concrete that are designed for residential applications, low rise buildings, paving and driveways. Our concrete is backed by our expertise and tight quality control which brings a guarantee of strength and workability. 

High Performance Concrete

Holcim high performance concrete provides quality solutions with the latest technology helping to improve the life of your concrete; designed to meet specific applications and needs of our customers.

We offer high performance ready-mix concrete with a range of properties including high early and long-term strength; high workability; low shrinkage; marine concrete; sulphate resistance; low heat of hydration; fibre reinforced concrete; and post-tensioned concrete.