Business Conduct

Holcim strives to create an environment where honesty and accountability flourish and compliance is a central focus.

Using common sense and good judgment together with our Code and Holcim policies and directives will usually be sufficient to ensure business is conducted with integrity.

Code of Business Conduct

Our Code cannot anticipate every situation we might encounter in the workplace, but it will help us to make sound and ethical decisions. We expect our employees to have the courage to take the right decisions based on our ethical principles and to uphold them, even when under pressure.

Holcim companies and all joint ventures under our control must always follow this Code when representing or working for Holcim. In companies over which we have no control, we seek the adoption of the standards of behaviour reflected in this Code. All persons, including service providers, subcontractors, and business partners, will be required to act consistently with our Code when acting on our behalf or in our name.


Our Integrity Line

At Holcim, it is important we all know and understand our obligations under the Code of Business Conduct and that we call out any misconduct or other improper situation or set of circumstances.

Our Integrity Line offers employees, business partners and members of the public a confidential environment for making a report. 

Contact the Integrity Line

New Zealand

Phone: 0800 450 436
Global ID Code: 77084


If you would prefer to contact the Holcim Integrity Line online, click below.