Our range of cement and cementitious binders includes the highest quality Portland cement and a range of low-carbon cement products for Aotearoa’s homes, buildings and infrastructure. 

Low Carbon Performance Cements

ECOPLanet is Holcim’s high-performance, low-carbon cement product providing at least a 30% reduction in CO₂-e backed by a third-party verified Process EPD. ECOPlanet uses a higher proportion of supplementary cementitious materials and admixture technology manufactured in New Zealand to help decarbonise Aotearoa.

Cement Replacements

ENVIROCore is a range of cement replacements available for concrete manufacturers to deliver performance with a lower embodied carbon impact. All products within the ENVIROCore range meet New Zealand standards.

Ultracem is a range of high-performance traditional formulation cements. Meeting the New Zealand Cement Standard (NZS3122 Type GP) with high strength and set characteristics, Ultracem is suitable for use in all ready-mix, pre-cast and manufacturing applications across New Zealand. Ultracem is suitable for the full range of climate and geographical conditions. 

Holcim New Zealand offers a range of specialty cements including White Cements for brick, masonry, or concrete applications; Glass-G (Drillwell) Cements for oil and gas well applications; and Micro-Silica for specialist requirements. 

Third-party verified EPDs allow our customers to understand the embodied carbon impact of our products supplied into their process or project, with confidence.

Building Product Information Sheets provide building product users with information about how building products contribute to compliance with the Building Code.