Our range of cement and cementitious binders includes the highest quality Portland cement and a range of low-carbon cement products for Aotearoa’s homes, buildings and infrastructure. 

Low Carbon Performance Cements

ECOPLanet is Holcim’s high-performance, low-carbon cement product providing at least a 30% reduction in CO₂-e backed by a third-party verified Process EPD. ECOPlanet uses a higher proportion of supplementary cementitious materials and admixture technology manufactured in New Zealand to help decarbonise Aotearoa.

Cement Replacements

ENVIROCore is a range of cement replacements available for concrete manufacturers to deliver performance with a lower embodied carbon impact. All products within the ENVIROCore range meet New Zealand standards.

Ultracem is a range of high-performance traditional formulation cements. Meeting the New Zealand Cement Standard (NZS3122 Type GP) with high strength and set characteristics, Ultracem is suitable for use in all ready-mix, pre-cast and manufacturing applications across New Zealand. Ultracem is suitable for the full range of climate and geographical conditions. 

Holcim New Zealand offers a range of specialty cements including White Cements for brick, masonry, or concrete applications; Glass-G (Drillwell) Cements for oil and gas well applications; and Micro-Silica for specialist requirements. 

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

Third-party verified EPDs allow our customers to understand the embodied carbon impact of our products supplied into their process or project, with confidence.