Australia and New Zealand COVID restrictions

Australia and New Zealand COVID restrictions

In line with Government advice, Holcim is an essential service and continues to operate across most of Australia and New Zealand.

Where we continue to operate, we have COVID safe plans strictly in place. These are supported by the following principles:

- Stay home if unwell
- Face masks
- Social distancing
- Cough or sneeze into elbow
- Hand hygiene

For further information, please contact your local customer service representative and review the State/Territory advice in your region.

Holcim continues to monitor Government advice and will provide updates if required.


Holcim has been operating in New Zealand for more than 130 years and distributes cement nationwide via a sophisticated supply chain of terminals, ships and trucks.


By placing sustainable development at the core of our business strategy we aim to enhance the value we create for our stakeholders, safeguard our reputation and ensure continued success.