Decorative Concrete

We are excited to introduce our new range of coloured concrete, perfect for all ready-mix concrete applications. This range is backed by the expertise and quality of Peter Fell oxides, ensuring that it will make a significant impact on your next project.

Stand out with coloured concrete

Our coloured concrete solutions offer design flexibility, enhancing the look of decorative concrete for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Designed for beauty and durability, coloured decorative concrete is a cost-effective and flexible option, providing a high-quality appearance and a practical alternative to paving, asphalt, marble, or timber.

Dark shades add drama and contrast, while lighter shades brighten interiors and complement other colours to create a warm, comfortable living environment.

A colour range as beautiful as Aotearoa

Available in a select range of 12 contemporary colours, created right here in New Zealand, our decorative concrete also comes in low-carbon options. Our colours are fade-resistant and of the highest quality – customised to suit your requirements.



Cinder Block


West Coast Sand

Dry Tussock

Night Sky

Washed Stone


Pantheon - Low Carbon

Ceramic Clay

Ceramic Clay - Low Carbon

Tuscan Marble

Tuscan Marble - Low Carbon

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo - Low Carbon

The panels above show the concrete colour in natural (unfinished) on the left, and on the right after an acrylic sealer has been applied.

Please note: While we strive to provide an accurate representation of our decorative concrete range, aggregates are natural products, so some colour variations may occur. Placing, weather, and site conditions can also influence the final result. Using a high-quality sealer at regular intervals can help mitigate these variations. Holcim will not be responsible for rectifying natural variations in colour, texture, size, and shape that can occur from batch to batch.