Environmental Commitment

At Holcim our operations are conducted in a sustainable manner. We have implemented processes to reduce our impact on the local and surrounding environment and by limiting the footprint of our operations as much as possible. Natural resource management, pollution prevention, and waste reduction are our main key goals.

Environmental Management Systems

All our sites have an Environmental Management System based on the International Standard ISO14001. Our management system helps to identify and manage potential environmental risks.

Operations are assessed and audited against the requirements of our standards and improvements made as required. The Holcim executive committee closely monitors our performance in managing workplace safety and protection of the environment.


Holcim is committed to working closely with our neighbours and local communities in which we live and operate. It is the communities in which we operate that provide us with the right to do business.

Each year, Holcim makes financial donations to community projects, educational activities, and charitable institutions. Our New Zealand team also volunteers their time and supplies construction materials for in-kind support to the communities in which we operate.