READY-MIX Concrete

Holcim New Zealand offers the most innovative range of ready-mix concrete solutions and services. Through advanced R&D, Holcim concrete is designed to address our client’s most critical challenges: CO₂ footprint reduction and energy efficiency of buildings, cost and speed of construction, worksite productivity – as well as architectural and aesthetic performance.

ECOPact is leading the way toward durable, high-performance, low-carbon construction. ECOPact from Holcim, is the industry’s broadest range of low-carbon concrete with products that provide 30% - 100% less carbon emissions compared with standard (OPC) concrete, with no compromise in performance.

At Holcim we provide a range of standard concrete that are designed for residential applications, low rise buildings, paving and driveways. Our concrete is backed by our expertise and tight quality control which brings a guarantee of strength and workability.

Holcim high performance concrete provides quality solutions with the latest technology for improving the life of your concrete including: high early and long term strength concrete, high workability concrete, low shrinkage concrete, marine concrete, sulphate resistant concrete and low heat concrete.