Specialty Cements

Holcim New Zealand offers a range of specialty cements including White Cements for brick, masonry, or concrete applications; Glass-G (Drillwell) Cements for oil and gas well applications; and Micro-Silica for specialist requirements.

White Cements

Holcim Ultra White cement offering is renowned in the industry for having the purest white colouring for bricks, masonry, or ready-mix applications. Holcim Ultra White cement is available in 20kg bags, bulk bags, and bulk tankers.

Class-G (Drillwell) Cement

Holcim Class-G cement is a specialist cement for use within cementing of oil or gas wells. It features moderate sulphate resistance and high durability, suitable for high pressure and temperature environments found within oil and gas wells. Class-G cement is used extensively across the petroleum and geothermal industries.


Holcim Micro-Silica is suitable for specialist requirements and is available on request.