Low-Carbon Solutions 

Holcim is the leader in sustainable construction and offers the broadest portfolio of low-carbon solutions. Half of our innovation projects aim at finding building solutions that work for people and the planet, whether they are digital tools to empower sustainability and circular economy, breakthroughs in the chemical processes or shaping the future construction industry through 3D-printing.


Low Carbon Performance Cements

ECOPLanet is Holcim’s high-performance, low-carbon cement product providing at least a 30% reduction in CO₂-e backed by a third-party verified Process EPD. ECOPlanet uses a higher proportion of supplementary cementitious materials and admixture technology manufactured in New Zealand to help decarbonise Aotearoa.


Cement Replacements

ENVIROCore is a range of cement replacements available for concrete manufacturers to deliver performance with a lower embodied carbon impact. All products within the ENVIROCore range meet New Zealand standards.


Low-Carbon Concrete

ECOPact is leading the way toward durable, high-performance, low-carbon construction. ECOPact from Holcim, is the industry’s broadest range of low-carbon concrete with products that provide 30% - 100% less carbon emissions compared with standard (OPC) concrete, with no compromise in performance.