Environmental Product Declarations

Third-party verified EPDs allow our customers to understand the embodied carbon impact of our products supplied into their process or project, with confidence.

Environmental Product Declarations

Holcim provides project-specific, on-demand Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to customers. This capability represents a significant step in Holcim’s sustainability journey and embodies our multi-disciplinary approach to embedding sustainability into our organisation and operations. 

With the introduction of our cement blends, third-party verified data will underpin our capability to work with our customers from tender through to design and construction to optimise sustainability performance.

Holcim’s cement blend is backed by an EPD Process Certification. It’s not only a first for cement, but a first for any product in Aotearoa New Zealand. Our EPD Process Certification is a stamp of approval to produce compliant EPDs in-house, opening up significant capability and flexibility in producing and using life cycle impact data to inform our operations and our customers. 

To gain our EPD Process Certification, Holcim invested in embedding Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) into our systems and processes. We have satisfied a rigorous, third-party evaluation in accordance with the relevant ISO standards and guidelines of the International EPD Program and EPD Australasia.

Environmental Product Declarations

A list of all Environmental Product Declarations registered to Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd are available via the EPD Australasia website. 


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