Climate Responsibility

The time for climate action is now – and we are making it happen. At Holcim climate action is at the heart of our strategy. We are working on four critical growth levers to accelerate the transition to net zero.

Climate action is at the Core of our Business

Developing low-carbon building materials like ECOPact green concrete and ECOPlanet green cement.

Enabling smart design to build more with less.

Driving the circular economy, doubling the amount of materials we recycle to 100 million tons by 2030.

And introducing new technologies to not only offer greener products to builders, but to decarbonize the way we make them.

Green Building Solutions

At Holcim, we’re taking responsibility for the impact our products have on the planet. As a supplier of low carbon cements, cement replacements and recycled aggregates, we’re leading the way in creating products that generate fewer carbon emissions.

Smart Design

Using smart design, we can significantly reduce the environmental footprint of buildings and infrastructure. 3D printing, for example, can reduce the amount of materials used in construction by up to 70% compared to conventional structures.

Circular Economies

We are driving the circular economy across everything we do, to keep materials in use for as long as possible, giving them a second life – and a third and a fourth – and using only what is needed to preserve nature.

Next Generation Technologies

New technologies will transform the way the world builds. With more than twenty pilots in carbon capture, usage, and storage, we’re exploring how to decarbonize the way building materials are made.