Staff Development and Wellbeing


Holcim recognises that the physical, emotional and social wellbeing of employees is paramount to attracting and retaining staff, and to building a strong and capable organisation. Which is why we invest in our employees and offer a number of health and safety programmes to ensure a safe and sustainable workplace.

Holcim has developed a comprehensive induction programme for all new employees. Available online and in print, the programme covers the manager's role in preparing for the arrival of a new employee, an overview of the Company and its divisions and a detailed description of the employee's own division.

Employee Project Involvement
We encourage employee participation in worksite committees and projects - particularly in the area of health and safety - so that everyone can see the benefits of being part of a team and making a contribution to the safe and profitable operation of the Company.

Performance Review Programme
In the interests of consistency and improved performance, Holcim has developed, and continues to build on, a performance review programme for salaried staff.

Training ProgrammesHolcim maintains a strong commitment to the ongoing training and development of employees at all levels. Additional expertise has also been gained by staff attending Holcim's conferences and international technical training courses. Capturing international knowledge has enabled employees to learn best practice, network with people in similar positions and find out how other companies within the Group operate in the same area.

The nature of our business, which often involves manual labour and the operation of heavy machinery, has traditionally attracted significantly more men than women. At present, 10% of Holcim's employees are female, occupying 8% of the management positions. The Company recognises that the current general imbalance needs to be addressed.

Following the introduction of the new Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd Superannuation Scheme in February 2001, 237 (70%) members of the old Fund transferred to the new Scheme. The Scheme is a defined contribution superannuation scheme. Benefits are determined by the amount of contributions held in the employee and employer accounts together with any investment returns. The Scheme is managed by Tower Employee Benefits. Holcim also hold quarterly retirement planning seminars, which are available to all staff approaching the end of their working life.

Retirement Planning Seminars
Retirement planning seminars are scheduled throughout the year and are available to all staff approaching the end of their working life.

Other employee benefits