Environmental Management System


All Holcim New Zealand sites operate an ISO14001 certified Environmental Management System (EMS). The EMS is a systematic way of managing environmental issues in a manner that delivers on the company's environmental policy commitments.

To retain the certification to ISO14001, each Holcim site sets annual environmental objectives and targets, undertakes regularly reviews and is audited both internally and externally.

Staff at Holcim are made aware of the contents of the EMS as it relates to them and their workplace. Staff are required to report environmental incidents and hazards, and suggest where improvements can be made. All new staff receive an environmental induction with the message that environmental management is everyone's business.

At Holcim New Zealand, the EMS is partnered with another important environmental programme. Holcim Limited requires a transparent and job-related environmental performance reporting system call Plant Environmental Profile (PEP).

Essentially, PEP measures key areas of a site or plant's environmental performance, and uses a points system to arrive at an overall performance score. The PEP measures performance against resource consents and encourages going beyond compliance.

The partnership of the EMS and PEP is aimed at ensuring that our environmental performance continuously improves.