Emission Monitoring and Reporting EMR


Stack emissions from Holcim's Westport Cement Works are professionally managed in accordance with Holcim's own programme of Emission Monitoring and Reporting (EMR). Holcim Ltd requires all of its group companies to undertake EMR in accordance with strict guidelines.

The programme includes maintaining continuous emissions monitoring of dust and gases (NOx, SO2, and VOC) to ensure the plant continues to operate at a high level of environmental compliance.

Twice each year the programme also requires a team of independent air quality monitoring experts to undertake direct emission monitoring tests of all three kilns, the coal scrubber and the millhouse. While it is standard practice for cement manufacturing plants to undertake such tests, Holcim's tests are very comprehensive and are undertaken as a requirement of both the Work's resource consent and of Holcim Ltd's own guidelines. As well as ensuring the Works is operating at a safe and environmentally compliant level, the monitoring experts calibrate the continuous monitoring equipment.

The results are reported and allow the tracking of environmental progress through transparent and reliable emission measurements.

The EMR programme at Holcim Westport currently represents one of the most thorough environmental testing programmes of its kind in New Zealand.