Training Staff To Be Sustainable


"Everyone's Business", a training DVD developed in 2007, is used to demonstrate to new staff that the responsibility for environment issues is not only an expectation for managers and environmental advisors, but for every Holcim employee and contractor.

As part of its launch, the DVD was shown to the more than 500 Holcim staff as a reminder of how to maintain high environmental standards.

The DVD focuses on key environmental risks and preventative measures specific to our business. During its production drafts versions were sent to the Auckland Regional Council and other environmental regulators for comment. These regulators were appreciative of the chance to comment and very complimentary of this training tool.

The DVD stresses that any environmental issues need to be reported and discussed with management to ensure Holcim continues to maintain its proud record of environmental management into the future. In general, the proactive principle that "prevention is better than cure" is explicitly emphasised. If any environmental incident should happen, special Incident Forms have to be completed to document the circumstances and develop a suitable prevention plan to avoid similar incidents occurring in the future.

A number of environmental regulators have praised the DVD and have been impressed that Holcim is taking these proactive measures towards protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development.