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Construction Materials Testing

Holcim Technical Services (HTS) provide a wide range of technical services, including standard testing, quality control, product assessment, product development, environmental monitoring , and consultancy in relation to concrete and aggregates.

As a result of providing many years of support to Holcim New Zealand's Concrete and Aggregates Division, Holcim Technical Services has facilities and trained staff to provide a wide range of services to the wider industry.

Holcim Technical Services Construction Materials Testing Laboratory is located at Bombay in Auckland and provides testing, technical advice, consultancy and trouble-shooting not only for Holcim and its customers, but for many external customers as well.

Our laboratory is specifically devoted to the testing and analysis of cementitious materials, sand and aggregates. HTS has capabilities in:

  • Standard testing of construction materials
  • Customised testing services for large projects
  • Consultancy or technical advice on the compliance, performance and durability of construction materials
  • Environmental site monitoring for concrete and aggregate sites

HTS also has field staff who are able to carry out sampling and testing on site (primarily in the Auckland and Waikato regions).

Holcim Aggregates Hastings Quarry and Kiwi Point Quarry (Wellington) also have laboratories which carry out aggregates testing.

Construction Tests

HTS is able to test the following construction materials:

Quarry products

  • Aggregates, rocks, dimension stone
  • Road bases, sub-bases

Cement-based construction products

  • Concrete
  • Building materials
  • Masonry units, pavers, bricks


  • Monitoring and assessment


Aggregates are used in a wide variety of construction applications, but their primary uses are in concrete, asphalt, sub-base and basecoarse.

The main areas for aggregates testing include:

  • Aggregates physical properties
  • Aggregates particle shape properties
  • Aggregates soundness and durability properties


The laboratory is able to carry out trials and testing of concrete including:

  • Fresh/plastic concrete properties
  • Hardened concrete properties
  • Durability assessment
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Trial mix evaluation


HTS has experience in monitoring and ensuring compliance of Holcim quarries and concrete production plants with environmental requirements, both regulatory and those imposed internally as part of the Holcim commitment to sustainable development, and maintaining effective controls to reduce our impact on the environment.

Monitoring includes:

  • Dust and air quality
  • Water quality
  • Noise
  • Quarry blast monitoring

The Laboratory is aiming to increase the number and type of tests for which it is accredited. Please contact the Laboratory for latest accreditation status.

HTS can also arrange for specialised testing (not currently available through the Laboratory) to be carried out by other suitable service providers, either in New Zealand or overseas.

Full List of Tests Available from HTS