Sealing Aggregates


Holcim Aggregates specialises in providing sealing chip that consistently meets the tight specifications required of this product.

With the benefit of our Barmac crushers and considerable experience we are able to supply sealing aggregates with exactly the right angular shape to maximise skid resistance and stay locked into the binder material.

Our premium sealing chips lengthen the life of the roading surface.

Quality Assurance

Holcim Aggregates' laboratory at Hastings provides the cornerstone of our quality control by undertaking a variety of pre-production, in-process and finished product testing to ensure our sealing chips meet the desired specifications.

All quarries have comprehensive control systems in place. Under our lot management system, each lot is allocated a unique number which allows us to supply customers with a complete product history, including test reports.

Our investment in new technology allows us to meet the increasingly fine tolerances desired in the market.