Asphalt Aggregates


In New Zealand and overseas, modern asphalts are becoming increasingly popular as surfaces for roading, pathways, airport runways, parking areas, sporting and play areas. The rise in popularity is scarcely surprising given the distinct advantages asphalt has when it comes to road safety (skid resistance and less spray), noise reduction, greater comfort, more durability and reduced maintenance.

The Strength Component

It's the aggregates which provide the asphalt with its strength, while an oil-based bitumen acts as the binding agent. The production process involves blending the aggregates and then heating them to a temperature suitable for coating with the bitumen binder.

Meeting Client Needs

The type of aggregates used, their size, moisture content and percentage in the mixture are all critical to achieving high quality asphalt. The pap, or crusher dust, is also usually a special brew.

Holcim Aggregates is able to produce asphalt aggregates with the consistent particle size and angular shape to ensure the end product knits together tightly, fills all the voids and creates a smooth, even surface.

We often find that the most cost-effective and best-performing solutions come about through a close working relationship with our clients where we are able to actively use our in-house knowledge to solve specific client needs.


The specifications for asphalt aggregate, whether "all in" or individual, will often vary according to the particular needs of each customer. By contacting our technical department with your specific requirements we expect to be able to supply, or develop if necessary, a product to suit.