Supporting Your Development


At Holcim New Zealand we encourage all our employees to be the best they can be.

We are committed to the development and ongoing learning of our employees so they can gain skills and competencies that can be applied across the company. Our focus is on achieving a culture of continual growth and faster learning to support the ongoing success and long term growth of our employees.

We provide a range of career development and on-the-job training opportunities to employees at all levels and across all sites, and we seek to promote people from within the company.

In-house training courses targeted to support the development of our people include:

  • Safety Leadership
  • Leadership Development Programme
  • Recruitment & Selection training (targeted selection)
  • Dialogue Training - Building Skills for Effective Interaction
  • EcoSim (Economic Business Simulation)
  • Health & Safety Programmes - Drug & Alcohol Awareness, Actions Employees Can Take
  • Presentations Skills
  • Media Training

Additional expertise can also be gained by relevant employees attending Holcim's conferences and international technical training courses. Capturing international knowledge enables employees to learn best practice, network with people in similar positions and learn how other companies within the Holcim Group operate.

Participation in company projects offers further development opportunities.

Managers also have discretion to provide support for staff studying for qualifications relevant to our business by providing time to attend classes, study leave prior to exams and, in some cases, financial support.