Our People Processes


Induction Programme

Holcim views a new employee's induction period as critical, as it is during this time that you are welcomed to the organisation and begin to understand the nature, values and culture of our business.

Holcim has developed a comprehensive induction programme for all new employees. The programme is designed to help you to understand the principles by which Holcim New Zealand operates, our policies and processes, and what is expected of you.

An important part of the induction programme is assessing your training needs.

As well as learning about the company and the way we operate, a site-specific induction will provide you with the practical details you require to work effectively on a daily basis.

Performance reviews

At Holcim we think that performance reviews and employee development are everyday activities, not just formal processes that happen once or twice a year.

Our performance reviews at Holcim are referred to as Dialogue. Dialogue provides both formal and informal opportunities for you and your manager to have discussion and feedback on a regular basis.

Employees are encouraged to play an active, even proactive, role in the Dialogue processes, whilst managers are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that employees know exactly how they're performing. Our aim is "no surprises".


We take pride in performing well and recognise and celebrate success. Recognition is not the sole responsibility of our Managers. Everyone within Holcim is expected to say thank you and tell others they have done a good job.

Holcim Commitment to Recognition

  • We recognise achievement immediately - understand what motivates people and act on it.
  • We celebrate success.
  • We tell employees when they have done a good job and have acted in accordance with our values.
  • We acknowledge the service people have given to Holcim.

Working Safely

At Holcim we care about our people and their safety and believe that all harm is preventable. We are committed to ensuring a healthy and safe workplace and train people to work in a healthy and safe manner. Our company goal is to eliminate all workplace injuries and instil a Zero Harm - Safety First culture.

Zero Harm - Safety First means that Health and Safety must come first in everything we do. Holcim aspires to be the most respected company in our industry, we cannot earn that respect if we do not care for our people in every way possible.