Updated Photomontages for Weston Option Cement Plant

26 January 2007

Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd has released three new photomontages to show how the proposed Weston Option cement plant could look if it was built.

A plant at Weston, near Oamaru, is one of several options being considered by Holcim to meet market demand for cement.

The photomontages show a 'reasonable representation' of the proposed cement plant from three viewpoints, and include possible planting, landscaping and earth mounds. The images are intended to show the plant around 15 to 20 years after establishment.

"We are very pleased to be able to provide these photomontages so that local people have a reasonable idea of how the proposed cement plant would look. There has been a significant amount of work put into making sure the photomontages give a view that people can relate to," says Paul Commons, Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd General Manager, Strategy & Development.

Modelling has shown that the plant would not be visible from either the Oamaru or Weston townships. The top of the 104 metre high main stack would be 172m above sea level, which would actually be lower than the height of the escarpment immediately behind the plant site and to the east, which ranges from 173 to 185 metres above sea level.

The photomontages are based on digital photographs taken in the field at normal eye-level (around 1.7 metres above the ground). They use a standard 50mm lens to give a field of view similar to human vision. When enlarged to A3 size and held at arm's length, the photomontages give a reasonable representation of what a person would see from the site the photograph was taken.

Description of the photomontages:

  1. A relative close-up of the proposed cement plant, taken from Whitstone-Five Forks Road around 600 metres from the proposed plant site, showing the profile of the preheater tower and main stack. The top of the main stack only appears above the escarpment because of the relative level of the ground at the viewing point compared with the plant site. Note also the existing limeworks in the distance on the right hand side of the image.
  2. A medium-distance photomontage showing possible planting and mounding around the plant. The viewpoint, which is around 1.5km from the plant, is on Kia Ora Road. It shows the preheater tower and main stack, the cement mill and silo to the right of the main stack, and the lower limestone/tuff storage buildings at the left of the site.
  3. A long range shot around 5km from the plant, taken from Round Hill Road looking towards the Whitstone escarpment. Note again the existing limeworks at the far right of the image.

Note: the photomontages are available for download from the side bar on the right.

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