Two Photomontages for Weston Option Cement Plant

19 May 2007

Media Release

Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd has released two additional photomontages to show how the proposed Weston Option cement plant could look if it was built.

"These photomontages, which have taken several weeks to complete, show views of the proposed plant from the Weston-Ngapara Road, with views taken from positions north-west and south-east of the plant," says Paul Commons, General Manager, Strategy and Development, for Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd.

Holcim has now produced five detailed and accurate photomontages of how the cement plant could look from a variety of different angles and distances.

The two new photomontages will be posted on Holcim's website ( and will be distributed to people living around the plant site and to other interested parties on request.

All photomontages show a 'reasonable representation' of the proposed cement plant and include possible planting, landscaping and earth mounds. The images are intended to show the plant around 15 to 20 years after establishment.

"A number of local people who had asked questions about whether they would see the cement plant from their property have also taken up the opportunity to view a simulation of the cement plant using a 3D computer model which has been developed by our landscape experts, Boffa Miskell and which has been used to assist in evaluating visual aspects", says Paul Commons, General Manager, Strategy and Development, for Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd.

Modelling has shown that the plant would not be visible from either the Oamaru or Weston townships. The top of the 104 metre high main stack would be 172m above sea level, which would actually be lower than the height of the escarpment immediately behind the plant site and to the east, which ranges from 173 to 185 metres above sea level.

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