Holcim Urges Informed Debate on Emissions Trading

13 February 2007

Informed debate on emissions trading is fundamental to establishing durable climate change policy for New Zealand, according to cement manufacturer Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd.

The company has, this week, released a briefing paper called "Creating a Good Atmosphere", designed to stimulate and inform that debate amongst key players.

"It is crucial that we achieve a unified durable policy for climate change action in New Zealand", said Michael Rynne, Holcim Group Manager Energy and Climate Change. "Last year Holcim made a commitment to the government to identify, in detail, those elements of emissions trading design that would be appropriate for New Zealand's energy intensive industry sector. Our briefing paper sets out these elements, drawing on the wide international experience already gathered by the Holcim Group in the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) and elsewhere."

The paper reflects on past and present policy development, and evaluates key elements of emissions trading design before making recommendations on key design parameters for the energy intensive sector in a future New Zealand Emissions Trading System. An interim policy is also proposed, with specific attention paid to ensure that the appropriate foundations for emissions trading are put in place.

"As a company Holcim is committed to operating its business in an environmentally responsible manner. A business like ours operates with long time horizons, so we need well founded durable climate change policies", Michael Rynne said.

"What we propose in this briefing paper is not a soft option for Holcim or other industries in our sector. We see it as a way to protect our environment and at the same time safeguard New Zealand's economic growth.

"The devil is in the detail. It's time we started debating this issue to find a way forward."

A copy of the briefing paper is available from the link on the right side of this page.