Holcim Newsletter Answers Questions

8 December 2006

Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd is distributing this weekend (9-10 December) nearly 8000 copies of its December newsletter and the Weston Option Information Sheet No. 10 (Servicing) to residents of Oamaru, Weston, Enfield, Ngapara, Windsor and surrounding areas.

The December newsletter provides an update on Holcim's communication and consultation process this year as well as answering some questions that have been asked recently. The newsletter provides information on the Weston walkway, climate monitoring, air emissions (including trace metals), the size of the proposed cement plant, the Assessment of Environmental Effects, as well as a facts about Holcim's international environmental record.

The Weston Option Information Sheet No. 10 covers servicing and the provision of water, sewage treatment, and power for the proposed cement plant.

Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd has now completed and distributed ten information sheets:

  • The consultation process
  • The Weston Option overview
  • Construction
  • Noise
  • Transport
  • Air
  • Ecology
  • Weston Option quarries
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Servicing

The next information sheet will be on the Weston Option Social Impact Assessment, which provides a summary of the potential social effects of constructing and then operating the proposed Weston Option cement plant and associated quarries and pits. This is expected to be available before Christmas.

The resource consent applications for the Weston Option cement plant and associated quarries and pits are expected to be lodged in early 2007.

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