Air Update and Plant Photomontages information sheets

9 February 2007

Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd is distributing this weekend (10-11 February) around 8000 copies of its Weston Option Information Sheet No. 12, Air Update, and No. 13, Plant Photomontages.

The Information Sheets are being distributed to residents of Oamaru, Weston, Enfield, Ngapara, Windsor and surrounding areas, continuing Holcim's practice of providing information to the community as it becomes available.

Information Sheet No. 12:

  • Is an update of Information Sheet No. 6, Air, and should be read in conjunction with that sheet
  • It summarises, to date, the comprehensive technical assessment of the cement plant air quality effects that URS New Zealand 1 is preparing.

Additional and updated technical data will be available in the finalised air quality report which will be submitted as part of Holcim's application for resource consents.

Information Sheet No. 13 shows three photomontages which give reasonable representations of how the proposed Weston Option cement plant would look around 15 to 20 years after establishment.

There is a relatively close viewpoint 600 metres from the proposed plant site, a medium-distance viewpoint from around 1.5km and a long-range viewpoint around 5km.

Holcim expects this month to formally lodge the applications for various resource consents needed under the RMA to construct and operate the proposed Weston Option cement plant and associated quarries and pits.

A plant at Weston is one of several options being considered by Holcim to meet market demand for cement.

Lodging the applications for resource consents with the Otago Regional Council and Waitaki District Council will mark the beginning of the formal RMA process, and follows a period of community consultation and communication started by Holcim New Zealand in May 2006.

Copies of the full applications will be available at public locations (libraries, council offices), and Holcim will also make sure that people have access to the full application and technical reports and have the opportunity to ask questions.

A final decision regarding the various options being considered by Holcim will be made by parent company, Holcim Ltd, probably in 2008. Any decision would take into account aspects in relation to each of the options (eg. resource consenting outcomes, land ownership, commercial contracts, community consultation), as well as the policies and plans of local and central government.

For more information:
Gerald Raymond
Phone 027 443-7253

1. URS is a leading environmental and engineering consulting firm, headquartered in the United States. It has more than 300 offices and 28,000 personnel around the world.